Digital painting

Inspired by the many great video tutorials and images by Mr Feng Zhu I started my first try in digital painting. After starting with a series of quick sketches I chose the most interesting scene to take to digital.

Asian style castle designs

After taking the scan to Photoshop and spending a few hours getting used to proper painting with the Wacom Intuos 4, first progress was visible. I was especially happy with the way the clouds turned out.

Black and white to check values, as the master taught...

The lanterns were an important element of the design. They were put in place to draw the viewers eyes to the tower as main selling point first. Initially the guard standing by the doorway was supposed to be the reference for scale of the structure, but was later replaced by our hero arriving at the tower.

Adding in the lanterns as indicated of the original design

Unfortunately there are no more progress images. Between the previous and final image, the overall size of the composition was increased to fit the standard movie widescreen format and the canvas flipped. Also, I discovered some nice tree and grass brushes that helped to add more detail to the grass and trees. Also, it seemed more suitable to introduce the massive oak door for this defensive structure, rather than the open entrance. The hero was introduced last. Finding the right design was a bit of a struggle and the thing I am least happy with. However, it helps to establish the scale and a bit of story. For a first shot I am very happy with the design.